Sunday, 15 September 2013

A walk on the pastoral side

I'm so excited!!
I'm a form tutor this year at college as well as teaching ESOL to the 6th formers and adults. This is the first time I've done any pastoral work for 12 years so it will be a different challenge and I am definitely up for that.
I've had 2 sessions with my form already and started to get to know them a little. I have 21 Level 2 students, of whom approximately half are from overseas and taking ESOL. I have already had 1-1 sessions with a couple who are going to need a lot of monitoring and spent a good deal of time sorting out their timetable issues. Hopefully if I get it right now at the start of the year, I'll set up high expectations for the rest of the year.
Of course, data protection concerns means I cannot name any young person here, so I apologise now if "one boy" and "another boy" is stylistically a bit cumbersome to read.
Any experience and suggestions will be gratefully received.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Happy New Year

2nd September - can you believe it?

We had a fantastic summer holiday in France. I am lucky enough to a)have a holiday home in Normandy and b)be married to another teacher so we can spend 5 weeks there. Rest, adventure, good food and good company. What more can one ask for in a holiday? Oh yes, sun. We actually had a lot of that too this year!

Unfortunately though, it already feels like a distant memory after 3 days of enrolment at college. We have about 30 6th Form students needing ESOL support this year. I will be teaching the Entry3/Level1 students again but I have decided to do without a course book.

It took some soul-searching - could I manage without the crutch of a book telling me to do p54 on Friday? But there just isn't an ESOL coursebook on the market which is suitable for 16-18 year olds studying here with English speakers and taking Skills for Life Exams (or not one I can find, please, please correct me if you know better.) So I am going to create my own curriculum and pick and choose from all the available material to make it more personally relevant to the students.

Wish me luck with this - I'll keep you posted.

Have a good beginning of term